To provide the best, most actionable investment research and financial education—enabling investors to reach and surpass their financial goals, through each stage of life.


Our PurposeWe go to work every single day for our clients—self-directed investors seeking an edge—because we want to address their biggest financial problems, questions and concerns. We do this by providing persistent and unparalleled teachings and insights into the financial markets—continually looking to uncover the best risk-to-reward opportunities that we discover. Our track record speaks for itself, and we aim to deliver unbiased research and education across a wide variety of investments and market conditions. This helps our clients to achieve higher returns with less risk, and with greater confidence than they have previously experienced.

In our dealings with personal finance, the financial markets, and throughout the financial industry, we have witnessed and practiced what it takes to become not only financially successful, but happy and fulfilled as well. We have seen the obstacles investors come across—the greatest threats, the largest missteps, and the frequently missed opportunities. We continue to learn, study, and research new concepts and investments each and every day that could help us and our clients.

We want to help you avoid the many pitfalls encountered when investing your money, planning for the future, preparing for retirement, and in retirement living. We know—we’ve experienced some of these same difficulties ourselves. We aim to facilitate an increase in your rates of return, higher savings, greater retirement income, and a decrease in stress or worry about what the future holds.


randy tudor

Randy Tudor 

VP, Investment Research

Randy has made the study of financial and tax matters his life-long pursuit. Before opening the doors to his first successful business in 1983, he held various positions and roles with several fortune 500 companies. Since then, he has operated his own accounting, tax and financial planning firms, and has earned numerous financial and accounting certifications along his journey. Randy has had the opportunity and pleasure to work with hundreds of clients in starting up their own businesses, handling tax matters, and learning how to become financially independent by utilizing optimal investment vehicles.

Kevin Tudor

VP, Investment Training

Kevin has been closely involved with the financial industry for over six years. He has worked with and coached clients on the subjects of retirement planning, foreign currency trading, stock market investments, and small-business. Studying under some of the top people in the field, his unique insights and abilities have enabled him to realize much success in managing real-life investment portfolios. Always looking to gain a new edge in his own investments, strategies for clients, and new teachings, Kevin has seen, and practiced, what it takes to become financially successful and fulfilled in life.


kevin tudor

Why Should You Work With Us?

We have a large array of unique talents and abilities unlike many others you have probably worked with before. Our investment research and network is widespread. We have over a combined 40,000+ hours and 40+ years of financial studies, experience with clients, and workings in the financial markets. Those studies and experiences continue to build at a rapid pace.
We have been mentored by and have studied under some of the top people in our industry—from investment to business professionals. We understand and successfully employ each of the strategies we use in our day-to-day coaching, investment research and online courses. We are not just coaches and analysts—we are actively involved in managing our own investment and retirement portfolios as well. In other words, our success is aligned with yours.
You will be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated, and experienced, group of professionals who truly care about your success and happiness. We work hard for our clients to help them achieve and surpass their goals through each stage of their life. We have the knowledge, the experience, and the tools to help you get to the next level—if the desire is there on your end.
We look forward to teaching you, coaching you, and connecting with you soon.
To your success,