Corporate debt to GDP

The Trump Market

We’ve been talking a lot between the two of us over the last week about what a Donald Trump win means for us, the economy, and the financial markets. Let’s state the obvious—we didn’t see this win coming. Not too many did, and we wouldn’t have forecast this short-term reaction we’re seeing from the stock and precious metal markets in the event of a Trump win. Citizens of the U.S., […]

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selling puts

Selling Puts for 30% Annualized Returns

Last night in the Investment Intel webinar, we continued with our discussion of selling puts on great companies we want to own, as well as analyzing a globally elite company that has recently dropped in price. You can access the recording below:

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dow jones

Dow Jones Wipes Out All of 2014 Gains

In a matter of just a few weeks, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has wiped out all of its previous gains for the 2014 year. In what has been a tumultuous week for stocks overall, with the Dow Jones seeing triple digit drops and gains, on Friday the market capped off the week with an additional 0.69% drop (115 points) on the Dow. It was the worst weekly loss overall […]

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