75k @ 18.94% for 10 years

#1 Determinant of Investment Returns

How do you get high returns—the kind of returns we look to achieve through Investment Intel and our stock investing course—by investing in the stock market? The stock market is risky, right? If you want high returns you have to take high risk, isn’t that true? Well, the market is risky—but you can minimize this risk significantly (and increase your returns) by knowing the right way to invest. Simply stated…high […]

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Using the EV/EBITDA Ratio in a Stock Analysis

The market has continued to deliver non-stop action as we wrap up the second month of 2016. The number of triple digit gains/losses for the Dow Jones average, increase in overall volatility, and almost daily large swings in individual stocks has provided opportunity and excitement for a lot of us. 35% gains in KORS, 25% gains in DECK, 12% gains in LOPE, and multiple gains in oil stocks have already […]

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aapl volatility

Why Market Volatility is Great for Investment Returns

Wow. It’s been a pretty crazy, up and down (mostly down) time in the stock market since the start of the new year. I can’t say it’s surprising. What with China’s slowing growth, the price of oil dropping like a brick, Federal Reserve’s interest rate increase, and the fact that stocks have been pretty overvalued for a while now…we have been due for a correction in prices for quite some […]

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Power of 12% Returns

Let me give you an idea of what I’ve found to be the biggest motivator to learn how to become a proficient stock market investor. We’ve thrown the 12% number around before. We believe that once you’ve learned how to correctly invest in stocks, you will have the power to realize annualized 12% returns going forward. But what does that mean in real dollars, for your savings, and for your […]

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accumulation withdrawal financial phase

Your Financial Phase in Life

What do you save and invest for? Is it for freedom, more money, security…for fun? Well whichever answer you come up with—the reality is that most of us are investing for our future retirement income. Ultimately, we all are investing so that we will have enough money to withdraw and live off of each year of our retirement—when we are no longer working full-time. Sure, short term investing can sometimes be […]

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budget budgeting words

Finding the Fun In Budgeting

Budgeting is the most important step in designing any financial plan or financial blueprint. In working with our clients, this is one of the first steps we discuss, because it’s so vital to your success. I know—budgeting doesn’t sound like fun at first, but give this a thought… What if you could find an extra $100/month to save and cut out of your current budget? This is by doing things […]

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self-directed investments

Self-Directed Success

Okay, let’s imagine you feel you don’t know much at all about financial matters, especially when it comes to self-directed investments and knowing what type of financial instruments you should utilize. What if I told you that it is possible for you to take control of your own finances, and as a result outperform any financial advisor or money manager when it comes to your investment accounts? What if I […]

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asset management

The Great Diversification Myth

Most of us have the benefit of receiving expert advice in most aspects of our lives. Due in large part to capitalism, we can find an ophthalmologist to advise us on our eyes and vision, a computer consultant to help us with our computer, and even a wedding planner to handle our upcoming nuptials. We have come to believe that we can, and should, seek professional advice for any decision […]

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How much do i need to retire

How Much Do I Need to Retire?

Probably the most common financial question we get from our clients is, “How much do I need to retire?” This is a real worry for most of us as we start approaching our retirement years. Of course, it will be less of a worry the sooner we fully confront this question and start developing a plan to be ready when the time comes. Although there are many steps involved in […]

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Savings bank

Top Three Financial Worries

Many people spend far too much time worrying about their financial affairs. If these worries leave you restless during the night or keep you from enjoying your time with family and friends, then you need to confront them head-on. Rather than spending the time worrying about them, wouldn’t you rather address them, deal with them, and begin to take the necessary steps to tackling these problems that take up your […]

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