The Contrarian

How do you handle market drops, like we witnessed earlier this year? What's your response to fear in the market, or in a company...when investors and shareholders are running for the exits?

I recently gave a speech in front of several groups on this answer, using the content in the video below. I recorded this video shortly after giving my presentations.

As Margin of Safety Investors, we do our best to take advantage of short-term fear in the markets. We try to take a step back, remain unemotional, and focus on the long-term perspective. When we can do this, we are oftentimes able to get fantastic bargains, even on world-class stocks such as Apple, Southwest Airlines, or even American Express. Take a look at this video to see how one of the all-time great investors, the Contrarian, handled extreme fear back in the 1960's, amid the "Salad Oil Scandal", by embracing the short-term fear and focusing on what truly mattered--making he and his partners millions (and later billions) as a result. 

The Contrarian

Length: 9:36

Good investing,

Kevin Tudor

March 21, 2018


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Kevin Tudor is the VP of Investment Training for Margin of Safety Investing, LLC. After a significant amount of time in the financial services industry, Kevin moved on to investment research and analysis to bring his expertise to the individual investor. He now resides in Scottsdale, Arizona where he conducts online webinars, writes financial newsletters, and provides various methods of investment training to show others the key strategies to successful investing.

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