Join Us...And We Will Personally Guide You on Your Financial Journey Toward Higher Investment Returns, Less Fees and a Smoother Retirement

What is Personal Financial Coaching?

Personal financial coaching was designed to bring any and all students of our online courses, Stock Investing Room, and Forex Trading Room, to the next level.
We understand that some students want a more personalized and customized experience. Some students want to ask us specific questions, get focused help, and be given some feedback and recommendations on areas to improve their trading, investing, and finances altogether. Some students want to become the all-star investors or cream of the crop Forex traders.
That’s what the personal financial coaching experience was developed to accomplish. We want to help our students supercharge their investment returns, their trading profits, and their bottom-line results.
As part of financial coaching, we’re going to work with you to achieve any and all goals which you’re working on. And if you don’t currently have any goals, we’re going to help you set and start to achieve them.
We’re going to bring your investment game plans into focus, your Forex trading rules and execution lined up, and your retirement planning/living as optimal as can be. Through personal financial coaching, we strive to take our students from good…to great.
We will motivate you, educate you, push you, and hold your feet to the fire as you go on this financial journey. It’s up to you to determine how committed you want to be. We can’t promise results because we don’t know your level of commitment. We can promise that we’ll work diligently to get you where you want, happy and worry-free.


Your Financial Blueprint

Financial Blueprint

Your financial blueprint lays out the foundation and processes for building your financial future. As part of the financial blueprint concept, we'll examine what your current thoughts and limitations on money are, what kind of goals you're looking to reach, and how we'll help get you there. This is the underlying theme of personal financial coaching—and one of the most important parts. 

Simply put, the financial blueprint will be your map in getting you from where you are where you want to be.

Financial coaching with us works through a series of scheduled meetings in our online meeting room where we have personal conversations, screen-sharing and goal-achieving discussions with you. The price you pay will include meeting with both Randy Tudor and Kevin Tudor.

We will examine what your current process is, and go about giving you specific feedback and recommendations to significantly and immediately improve the process and (hopefully) your results. In addition to all of this, we will allow personal email support for as long as you are actively coaching with us.

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We Know Many of the Challenges You Are Facing

  • You’re a good investor, and know the principles, but can’t quite seem to turn that knowledge into great gains
  • You’ve done EVERYTHING you can think of, and it just isn’t working
  • You understand the Forex market, but still feel like you are missing something
  • Forex money management, strategy implementation, and stop loss tactics seem over your head
  • You’re financially FRUSTRATED and don’t know what to do next
  • You’re OVERWHELMED by the numbers you’re seeing when it comes to saving and earning for retirement
  • You like your financial planner enough, but you’re not getting the results you hoped for, or were promised
  • You’ve made some bad decisions before, and worry about making them again
  • You face a high amount of STRESS financially and need something in your life to change
  • You just can't seem to make the jump from being a decent investor or trader to a great one

We know because we’ve been there before, and we have seen it all

We’ll help you address your challenges, tackle them head on, and come out stronger and better because of them

No worries. All of our coaching comes with a 100% 14-day money back guarantee

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Janice and Phil E. from Avondale
"Randy’s advice over the years, has proven to be invaluable to our financial health and stability. Randy is so very knowledgeable regarding all aspects of our taxation needs, and his guidance has carried us through both good and hard times. Randy not only prepares our taxes each year, but is always available, year-round, for questions that may arise. Randy also spent many hours of his personal time working with us as we struggled through our business ventures as well. We are so very fortunate to have Randy Tudor as our financial guide and very importantly as our friend. We highly recommend his services to all."
Matthew G. from Tempe
"I consider Kevin my financial mentor and someone who has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to finance and investing. Before I met with Kevin I struggled understanding all the complexities of financial markets, but after sitting down with him I began to be able to sift through all the noise of financial media and finally grasp several key concepts that help me in my analysis of the markets every day. Kevin has the ability to take something complex and make it much easier to understand and this was a great help when forming my investment plan. I would highly recommend Kevin and his company to anyone who is serious about learning more about finance and investing and wants to take their understanding to the next level."
Bob J. from Glendale
"I have known Randy Tudor on a professional level for over 20 years. Last year I met Kevin and he has been working with us via webinar for nearly a year. I now feel very confident of making sound investment choices at the right times with a solid methodology. Kevin has been a pleasure to work with. He and Randy have an ability to take the data and explain it to a non-accountant type to where it makes perfect sense. Both men are honest, intelligent and most important really care about their clients. I would recommend anyone at any level of investing get involved with them. It has helped us gain confidence that we can make sound investment decisions and control our financial future without the downside risk."

Benefits BEYOND the Financial Rewards

Customized to Fit YOU
We personalize the experience with you, and no two clients are the same. Together, we develop a financial blueprint based on your picture, your needs, and your goals. Based on where you are and how you want to proceed, we will help you gain the knowledge in areas where you need it most and efficiently get you positioned to accomplish your goals and objectives. Regardless of your experience, we begin wherever you are right now.
Focus and Get it Done
Success, not just financially but through life in general, is about just getting it done. Or as the famous Nike slogan goes, “Just do it.” Part of our coaching process is to focus on what you need to do now and how you can do it—both efficiently and effectively. Accomplish your goals and take massive action today—the right action required in order for you to realize your dreams. We will motivate you to “just do it”, and hold you accountable along the way.
Become Your Own Financial Expert
Financial coaching is all about making you the expert in the areas you choose to focus on. Truly successful people learn to focus on increasing their knowledge in the areas they need to concentrate on. Become an expert in one of the most important areas you can, with our coaching services.
Detailed Budgeting
Learn the right way to budget. Be thorough and realistic. Use our budgeting template to get started—and update annually. Budgeting is one of the first and most important steps in creating a plan for you and your future. We will help in ways to cut costs and increase your budgeting efficiency and execution.
Relationship and Investment That Creates Life-long Change
Many investments and professional relationships only last for as long as you’re using or paying for them. Financial coaching is much different. We’ll teach you skills and habits that will create a lasting change that you’ll take with you for life. We are introducing proven principles and getting to the main cause of any financial problems or concerns you have. Our hope is that you will work with us, then use that knowledge and accountability we’ve helped to provide in order for you to succeed on your own.
Effective Goal Setting
Goal setting is a common component among the most successful people in the world. Without clear goals, we don’t know where we want to end up so how do we know where to start? Or how do we measure our results? Tony Robbins has said that “setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” Coaching will help you to effectively set your goals and create the steps necessary to achieve them, and to continue to monitor, revise and establish new goals as older ones are being accomplished.
Access to Lifetimes of Knowledge, Experience and Resources
You will get the chance to work with all around financial experts, business consultants, and experienced market participants when you engage in the financial coaching relationship. We have a combined 40,000+ hours of direct, financial and market studies and real-time experience focused entirely on investing, trading, and financial planning issues. We are taking everything we know and have learned through much of our experience and education, and making it available to you.
Financial Peace Gives More Time for Other Aspects of Your Life
Do you spend a lot of your time worrying about what to do for retirement, where to invest, how to prepare a budget, how to increase returns…? The list goes on. Financial coaching helps to efficiently manage your time and effort, freeing up more time for other important areas of your life. Decrease your stress and stop worrying. Work with us and be comfortable about what’s to come, and clear up time for what matters most in your life.

Consider if personal financial coaching is a good fit for you. You can schedule an appointment online at any time

All first-time clients are given a complimentary, 20 minute game plan session where we will have a discussion to see if you qualify

All of our coaching comes with a 100% 14-day money back guarantee

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