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Master the Skill of Accurately Valuing Stocks, Enabling You to Earn Annualized Investment Returns in Excess of 12%

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    Learn the skills that are required to be successful in the stock market

    You can master these skills with the capability of earning annualized investment returns over the long-term, in excess of 12%. Given the immense power of compounding, this ability to generate investment returns of 12%+, will more than QUADRUPLE the average investment account value over the course of 25 years. That’s right—a 78% difference in account value compared to what the average return is—after subtracting out management and advisor fees. This is HUGE. For those with time to accumulate, this equates to wealth and financial freedom. For those nearing, or already in, retirement—this skill allows you to withdraw a much greater amount for retirement income. No matter your age or financial situation, the skills gained in this course will have enormous, positive impacts!

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    Gain direct access to two highly experienced investors and coaches

    The coaches are utilizing the exact concepts and strategies laid out in this course. This will give you the ability to tap into our experience of more than 40 years in the financial, investment and retirement fields. You will have the ability to ask us, and our entire community of students—any question specifically related to the content in the course. We promise to answer every question in the course and do our best to give complete, useful and honest answers to every one of our students.

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    Every day you delay is costing you more money

    The longer you compound your 12%+ returns, the more money it means for you down the road. The sooner you start—undoubtedly—the better off you will be. The fees you are paying to your advisor or money manager is costing you much more than your probably realize. Stop paying the management fees and start earning a higher return than you might be accustomed to…today!

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investment returnsIn this course, you will learn the two fundamental principles that great investors have been using over the past century to generate HUGE profits for their investment accounts.

You will then learn the steps needed to apply these for yourself—in today’s stock market.

Your two instructors have learned, developed, tested and practiced numerous amounts of different investment methodologies. They have spent years perfecting what works in the stock market. This is the one strategy that has produced the absolute best—and most importantly—consistent results over the long-term.

Other strategies can work well over the short-term. Some may even yield higher returns over a short amount of time…yet they quickly stop working and producing returns. This simple investment strategy produces a consistent and predictable return over the long-term—the most important timeframe for YOU as an investor. It has stood the test of time and is based on the strategy that Warren Buffett says “will continue to produce outstanding returns 100 years from now”. This simple investment strategy was developed and perfected over the years—based on our 40,000+ hours of combined studies and hands-on experience with the stock market.

Put the odds of success on your side. Imagine knowing when to buy, when to sell, and having more confidence and less stress while doing it…

  • 41 Lectures

  • Computer and Smartphone Access

  • 4 Hours of Content

What Will You Get Out of This Course?

  • The method for profiting from the two fundamental principles behind the most successful investing strategy your two instructors have witnessed
  • Education on which stocks to buy, when to buy them, and under what conditions to sell
  • Proficiency to consistently spot undervalued and overvalued stocks in the public market—so you never overpay
  • Skills to make money from the discrepancy of stock price vs stock value in the markets
  • Knowledge on why the traditional financial path is robbing investors of up to 78% of their future account value
  • Details on the #1 determinant of your future returns
  • Capability to produce much larger account sizes, and withdraw more money for retirement income and living
  • Radically simple explanations of stock market basics, price movements, and how you can best profit
  • Access to the full stock valuation calculator to easily calculate and see what the value of any stock is
  • New skills to see the stock market as a marketplace filled with hundreds of real companies and businesses that you can profit from
  • Capacity to use the three most important words of investing to your advantage
  • Confidence and peace of mind, knowing that you can become financially secure by utilizing this strategy
  • Step-by-step game plan to begin accumulating stocks for your portfolio
  • Direct access to the two instructors through the class discussion boards. You will receive prompt answers to any question specifically related to the content of the course
  • A polished, finely-tuned, and fully-developed philosophy of investing that will stay with you for years to come
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This course begins with an explanation of the ultimate investment strategy, and how we have developed it to generate massive returns for those who properly use it. We’ll then go on to explain why following the traditional financial path, earning the average return, and paying the average fee—could be costing you up to 78% of your investment account value!

up chartYou will see the true impact of what 12%+ returns can do for not only your investment and retirement accounts, but also for you lifestyle and income during retirement. By the end of this lecture, we hope you will realize that this strategy will be of great benefit to you no matter if you are still in your working years or currently in your retirement years.

The course will continue with a simple explanation of the first principle of successful investing, by focusing on a real-life example of one of the most basic businesses imaginable. We’ll then continue with a quick explanation of the power of compound interest, as well as the different investment choices you have when deciding where and how to allocate your hard-earned money. We’ll wrap up the second section with a thorough education on the #1 determinant of future returns, as well as under which scenarios are best for buying stocks, and selling stocks.

In section three, you will see what the second principle to successful investing is, and the path we followed to arrive at the ultimate investment strategy you are learning. You’ll then see the importance of combining the two principles, and how only using one and not the other could potentially lead to losing money. This is something we want to avoid!

In the next section, you will learn why stocks equal true businesses, and how you can use that to your advantage. We’ll continue with our basic company from section two, and see how going public affects companies, and your potential involvement with them as an investor. In this lecture, you will see which information is required for you to fully and accurately place a value on public stocks.

This course is the answer to your investment troubles—Do not wait another day!

The course will continue with a detailed account of how much stock prices typically move in a given year (probably more than you think). You will then see why these stock prices move, and what the main influence on high/low prices usually is. After that, you will learn about the best business partner in the world, and how you can fully, legally and ethically work with, and take advantage of him to make a consistent profit. We will also debunk one of the more commonly referred to investment theories, and prove why the ultimate investment strategy is a much more safe approach.

stock investing courseIn section five, you will learn all about the three most important words of investing—and how you could get everything else wrong—and still make money! We’ll go on to explain what the face value is, as well as each of the components you will need to place a face value on any stock of your choosing. After a detailed walkthrough, you will be armed with the skill to place a value on any stock in the market. You will know whether you are overpaying, or getting a stock on sale.

We will cap off section five illustrating the difference between a $15 stock and a $30 stock—showing why stock price per share, on its’ own, is insignificant. You will see that it involves other information to differentiate between a $30 stock or a $15 stock.

In the final section, we will explain how to apply the second principle, and you will have the skill to spot only those companies which pass the test under the second principle of successful investing. We will detail what the one final check is, and an important question to ask yourself, before making the purchase of any stock. After this final check, we will detail the four conditions under which you might want to sell any of your stock holdings. Upon completing this lecture, you will have the capability to highlight which stocks you want to buy, place a value on them, buy them when they are on sale, and know when you might need to sell them.

Before saying goodbye, we will present you with our closing thoughts, as well as a step-by-step game plan for getting started on your first purchase.

In addition, this course is constantly updated with the most up-to-date material

You can access all of the course materials, including the lectures and class discussions, on your computer, through your iPhone or iPad, and on any Android phone or tablet

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