Take Charge of Your Future and Finances

Picture your life as taking a cruise on a luxurious ship with all of the amenities and great service you’ve always imagined. At every turn there is someone anticipating and taking care of your every desire. You get to see beautiful scenery, eat plenty of wonderful food, and get to visit beautiful ports-of-call with all of the port excursions and activities we want to participate in.


What’s Your Reality, Today?

As nice as this experience is, after a while, most of us long for returning home and getting back into our lives where we have our family, our friends and our things. For some of us, reaching the point where we are ready to go back into our regular, routine lives takes longer than others. The length of time may have something to do with the quality and direction of our life back home. Are we happy and content with our daily lives and in the direction we are going? Do we spend more time frustrated with our jobs, our finances, and our overall life to the point where we want to remain in a fantasy world?

When we are settled in our everyday routine life, it is easy to get to the point where we feel like we are on autopilot and we have a difficult time trying to steer the boat around. We feel as though we are victims—simply reacting to the challenges life puts before us. Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that we can control most aspect of our lives by simply figuring out where it is we want to go and establishing plans and taking actions to steer us in that direction. We shouldn’t have to go on a fantasy cruise simply to distract from the realities of life. Instead these rewards of life and our hard work should enhance our already happy and fulfilling lives.

Cruise Ship--take charge of your future

Picture what you want your life to look like today–then go out and get it!

We Can’t Always Do It on Our Own

Sometimes getting to the point where we are living our life successfully requires help. Maybe we need to obtain more knowledge about certain aspects of our goals. Perhaps we need encouragement or help with focus and discipline. Each of these obstacles can be managed and broken down, understood and taken apart. With the right knowledge and encouragement, perhaps your obstacles—your icebergs—can be chipped away to the point where they are no longer hindering your progress. We know they can be if the desire is strong enough.

Many of us try to take action at different points in our lives, only to discover the change we desire doesn’t happen—the obstacles are just too big to overcome. We need to remember that taking action alone is not necessarily going to work. We must be taking the right actions—the actions which empower us to move towards our goals and enable us to take charge of our lives and our financial future.


Why Financial Coaching?

Our approach to coaching is to help you to make sure you are properly motivated to change or improve certain aspects of your life. The benefits of our financial coaching program go far past strictly improving your finances. That’s our first priority, but we aim to enhance your overall enjoyment and fulfillment in life. We are financial coaches first and foremost but we are also coaches in getting your future lined up to where you want it – beyond your finances.

We help you to establish realistic goals and dreams—ones that are in line with your core values and visions. We help guide you along to take ownership of your goals and visions in order to be the captain of your life—fully in control and moving towards your chosen ports-of-call. We also help you maintain your focus—your discipline—which is necessary to keep you on the right course.  If necessary, and in many cases, we can help steer you through uncharted waters. You’ve heard it said many times that life is a journey, not simply a destination. You should be enjoying the journey—the cruise through life—as well as the ports you visit along the way. Let Tudor Coaching Group help be your Navigator. Bon Voyage!

Live Your Dreams

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